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HMA Genetics is a group of executive medical consultants whose goal is to bring advanced genetic testing to the public at large. 


At HMA Genetics we believe that through the implementation of genetic testing we can revolutionize how we approach standard care. The medical community has been treating people with a “One Size Fits All” mentality but it doesn’t have to anymore. Advanced genetic testing can provide a specific blueprint of an individual being treated across a wide range of specialties. It can predict the probability of cancer based on mutated genes, provide an action plan for early detection, identify which medication will be most effective for a specific patient while avoiding unwanted side effects, and can help people understand the risks from inherited genes. Advanced genetic testing can provide personalized care. At HMA Genetics we believe that personalized healthcare leads to better healthcare.

Genetic testing plays a vital role in determining the risk of developing certain diseases as well as screening and medical treatment.
— The Mayo Clinic


Genetic testing is becoming more accessible to the public at large. We are here to expand upon that mission. We match patients and the genetic tests they are interested in with doctors who can perform them. Go to the contact us section, let us know which test you want to take, and we will match you with a doctor in your area.

If there are no doctors in your area who perform the test you are interested in or you simply just feel more comfortable with your own doctor, that's no problem! We will contact your doctor on your behalf and inquire about them performing the test for you.



HMA Genetics is a group of executive medical consultants whose purpose is to educate and promote advanced genetic testing for better precision healthcare to the public at large. We have partnered with the best genetic testing laboratories in the country to be able to provide the most cutting edge offerings on the market today. Our clients consist of a wide variety of organizations across multiple spectrums. They include healthcare networks, individual medical professionals, assisted living facilities and Senior Living Communities, corporations, and nonprofits to name a few. Each HMA Genetics representative provides a personal approach to everyone we work with to help simplify personalized medicine.



At HMA Genetics we have partnered with the top genetic labs in the country. Each with different specialties to offer the most cutting edge genetic tests available today. It is our commitment that we provide a personal approach to everyone we work with and that we bring them the very best there is to offer.


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