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At HMA Genetics we believe that through the implementation of genetic testing we can revolutionize how we approach standard care in the medical fields. The medical community has been treating people with a “One Size Fits All” mentality but it doesn’t have to anymore. With advanced genetic testing we are able to get a specific blueprint of the individual we are treating across a wide range of specialties. We can predict the probability of cancer based of mutated genes and provide an action plan for early detection, identify which medication will be most effective for a specific patient while avoiding unwanted side effects, and can help people understand the risk they have from inherited genes. Genetic testing can provide personalized medicine. At HMA Genetics we believe that precision healthcare lead(s) to better healthcare.

We believe personalized healthcare leads to better healthcare.


Genetic testing is revolutionizing how we approach standard care in the medical field.        An individual can now obtain a personalized genetic blueprint that will educate the doctors in their community on how to specifically care for them. We aim to connect patients and their doctors with these genetic tests to improve and personalize their healthcare. Find out which genetic test would benefit you today.   


A breakthrough in the field of personalized medicine: people can now test their genetic profiles to see how they might process a variety of drugs from pain relievers to more complex cancer treatments. Watch the video above to learn more.


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